3 Across the Straits

Across the Straits, by William Kyffin.  1st edition.

Category:  Biographies & autobiographies

Subject/Topic:  “The Wales in which Kyffin Williams grew up is largely unknown to the outside world and is rapidly disappearing.  This is not the Wales of chapels, mins and Eisteddfods, but the Wales of the Bonheddigion, the pedigree-conscious Welsh gentry.

Over the centuries, Kyffin Williams’ family has produced its crop of landowners, clerics, soldiers, eccentrics, sportsmen, matriarchs, gamblers, MPs and copper magnates, most of whom have ended their days beneath the sod in the remote Anglesey parish of Llansadwrn.  Indeed, as he notes at the beginning of this evocative family memoir, their bones have been laid in the churchyard their in such profusion that without them the east end of the church might well collapse.

He himself has spent most of his adult life this side of the Menai Straits.  A painter – an A.R.A. who has become President of the Royal Cambrian Academy – he took to his trade by accident during the war, when he was invalided out of the Royal Welch Fusiliers on account of his epilepsy.  ‘As you are abnormal anyway,’ said the authorities, ‘we suggest you take up art’.   From the book jacket.

Format:   Hardcover

Special Attributes:  “This delightful book is decorated with paintings and cuts by the author, and a remarkable album of old family portraits.’

# Pages:  160 pages

Published:  1973

Condition:  Excellent; book jacket is intact

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