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Heritage Collectibles

Shop - Exterior - July 2015 - 3

Heritage Collectibles is our sister shop, right around the corner at 189 Main Street in Lewiston ME.

Primitives & Antiques • Kitsch & Curiosities • Classic & Contemporary Art, Vargas Girls and Pinups • First Editions, Topographical Maps & Calendars • Vintage & Estate Jewelry • Signage, Railroad Memorabilia, Americana & Militaria • Mirrors & Frames • Items to Recycle, Repurpose & Upcycle

Very Cool Stuff – and Reasonably Priced!

We search out auctions & estate sales, looking for unique & unusual items, as well as the classic vintage pieces you’d expect to find.  Recently, we expanded the shop to have room for the furniture our customers were requesting, and have added some wonderful vintage (and a few contemporary) pieces.  As a result, you’ll find a treasure in every corner!

Items include wheat dishes, tea pots and everyday glassware, Watt pottery, jewelry, small antique furnishings and home decor, salt & pepper shakers, rugs, wall & vanity mirrors, candlesticks, and loads of artwork.  We have pewter, brass and silver, as well as cast iron…

Guys, we have items for you to browse, too! (Now really, how often can any shop say that?) Need an antique block and tackle? Man, do we have a nice one! (For info on how a block & tackle works, check out this site:http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/engines-equipment/pulley.htm) What about a military messenger bag? Railroad books? Ship models?

Ladies, you know a collectibles shop is chock full of wicked cool stuff… we have everything from handbags to glassware to a jeans jacket from Disneyland; Chinese art, American art & kitschy art; vintage dresses (and a wedding gown, too!); housing decor, hand-made quilts and area rugs.

The shop is small but the selection is large! Come on in and find your treasure today!

Militaria & the World Wars
We have a collection of WWII and other military items.  As a former subcontractor to the Navy, who installed and repaired survival systems on 105 different ships all over the world, John is fascinated with all things military and has been searching for items that collectors would enjoy.  (He also warns the uninitiated to be wary, as he’s seen uniforms for sale that have been cobbled together by less than trustworthy sources, mixing insignias and so forth in a fashion that no true military personnel would.)

Some of the 174 WWII manufactured Navy ship matchbook covers represented in the album.

Some of the 174 WWII manufactured Navy ship matchbook covers represented in the album.

Some of the 174 WWII manufactured Navy ship matchbook covers represented in the album.

Some of the 174 WWII manufactured Navy ship matchbook covers represented in the album.

Kitsch Collection
Our kitsch collection has some marvelously unique items…  we’re definitely looking for more. One of our goals (okay, one of Linda’s goals, but not John’s) is to one day open a Kitsch Boutique – nothing but the oddest, most eclectic and possibly ugly or weird (but in a good way) household items – lamps, furniture, dishes, tchotchkes – you can imagine!

Now isn't this the one of the most unique end tables you've ever seen?

Now isn’t this the one of the most unique end tables you’ve ever seen?


Main Location:  Heritage Collectibles at 189 Main Street, Lewiston  ME 04240.

Other Physical Locations:
Heritage Books & Maps, 5 Park Street, Lewiston ME (just around the corner from our 189 Main Street location).  This is a sister shop of Heritage Collectibles.
Papa’s Thrift Shop, 189 Main Street, Lewiston (Papa’s has moved into it’s own space inside Heritage Collectibles)
Sherman Oaks Antiques Mall, 14034 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles CA (find us in display case #273)
NOTE: As of January 1st, 2016, we are no longer at Cabot Mill Antiques in Brunswick, as we just didn’t have time to do justice to our space there.  Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased some very cool antiques from us at that space, and we hope you’ll visit our shop at 189 Main St in Lewiston!

Internet & Web-Based Locations:

Dealers are welcome; please bring a copy of your Maine resellers / sales tax certificate that we can keep.  Once in our books, you won’t have to bring it again!

Upcoming Shows & Exhibits
… none scheduled at this time; we’re taking a breather!

Message re Our Products:
Most of the items we offer are vintage, antique or simply pre-owned.  Therefore, reasonable wear & tear is to be expected, and our items are sold as seen and as described in the photos and/or in person.
We try to describe any damage, nicks, blemishes or other problems of which we are aware in any and all of our listings, and always include plenty of clear photographs which are integral to the description, so please review them closely.
Also, please be aware that vintage and antique items are unlikely to be in factory condition, so if you aren’t used to buying antique or vintage items – and are in fact looking for a pristine, unused item – a new reproduction may be better suited for you.
We ordinarily do not “clean up” items because such cleaning may detract from their value.
We are specific and honest in our descriptions because we want happy buyers who will return and/or refer their friends!

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